New Facebook Business Page + 20% OFF code

A few weeks ago I posted a story on Facebook and Instagram announcing that my personal Facebook account had been hacked and disabled. In turn, I lost access to my Facebook business page, Kyle Lucks Fine Art, and some of my Instagram tools were restricted. It was certainly a tough lesson on the reliance of social media, and one company in particular! 

After weeks of trying to get my old account reinstated, I gave up and started a new one. Therefore, if you had been following me on Facebook, I invite you to like my new page, New Kyle Lucks Fine Art. I am also encouraging my followers to subscribe to this monthly newsletter, and thanking them with a code for 20% OFF their next order from my website. Since you are already a subscriber, please use the code "KyleNews20" at checkout for 20% OFF your next order.  

Thank you so much for your ongoing support! The past two months have been very frustrating on the social media front, though I am relieved to finally move on with a new page and ready turn my attention to a list of exciting ideas!

All the best,

New Kyle Lucks Fine Art Facebook business page