Jack Buck

If you don't know who John O'Leary is, that probably means you haven't had a good cry in a while. John is an internationally acclaimed speaker, bestselling author, and podcast host, and his story is so heartwarming and inspirational that a pack of tissues should be included with his material. 

I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing John twice, once live in 2019 and then just before this past Thanksgiving via Zoom. He tells a story about Jack Buck that will inspire anyone, but it definitely strikes an extra chord with St. Louisans and Cardinal baseball fans. I was so moved by the Zoom call and his overarching message of gratitude that I decided to thank him the best way I knew possible...Jack Buck portrait by Kyle Lucks   

This original acrylic on canvas measures 24"x36" and features Jack in the KMOX radio booth at the old Busch Stadium. I added the baseball in his left hand and necktie to symbolize events very personal to John's story, which you can get a taste of here on YouTube. The painting also features my signature glossy spot varnish with the first words Jack spoke to John in the hospital: "Kid, wake up. Keep fighting."

Below the photo of John and I is a time-lapse video of the painting coming to life. It was an honor to meet John and be able to thank him in this way. I encourage you to become familiar with the man and his story, and embody John's motto to "live inspired." Get those tissues ready!

Kyle Lucks and John O'Leary