New release: AJR "Bang!"

I am excited to unveil a painting that is the product of two things I rarely do: paint live outdoors, and return to an unfinished painting weeks or months after I started. SunFest is West Palm Beach's largest music festival, and I joined a group of artists to display my work and paint live during the four day event in late April.

Live painting at SunFest 2022 in West Palm Beach, Florida

I stumbled upon the Sunday night headliner, AJR, earlier in the year, and I listened to them quite a bit while painting since they have a number of upbeat songs. It made sense to paint them live since I knew it would excite their fans. I performed my typical research of scrolling through countless photos and watching their music videos until I settled on the idea of depicting AJR's video for the song "Bang!" 

I worked on the painting off and on leading up to the show, and attempted to finish it live Sunday evening. As I neared the end, I could tell it would need some work back in the studio, since the changing light outside affected my perception of color and value. Then I got distracted with other projects, moving studios, and traveling to Italy and St. Louis. 

Unfinished work haunts me like a ghost, so I made it a point to finish it once I got settled back in West Palm Beach. Without further ado, here is my 24"x36" original titled AJR "Bang!"AJR "Bang!" original acrylic portrait painting by Kyle LucksIt is available for sale, and you may purchase prints here. Please feel free to share it with anyone you may know that appreciates their music. 

Thank you!