"Ripple" Recap

"Ripple" was another impressive show by Maison Palmer and generated numerous sales for the participating artists! I would like to thank everyone that was able to make it on opening night or stop by one of the weekend days. We had a tremendous amount of support from the community and it is always great to see familiar faces after so much hard work is put in. I was thrilled to have sold one of my originals on the final day of the show, and I look forward to hearing from a few other interested collectors.

For those of you that weren't able to make it to West Palm Beach, please keep reading to see images of the paintings as well as some insight into my inspiration... 

Since I didn't have any portraits that fit the show's water and sand theme, I created four new cityscapes, which is something I used to paint more of back in my watercolor days. It was a nice change of pace and I really enjoyed looking back through all of my travel photos to come up with ideas. I settled on two scenes of Venice, Italy, which I visited in June for the global Biennale art exhibition. They are simple views of everyday life just to show how much beauty there is around each corner in the city. 

The other two pieces I created for the show are of Palm Beach, and centered around the idea of reflections. Just like in my portraits, I want there to be more than meets the eye, so the viewer is forced to study the work and discover something that may not be obvious. The tight cropping and low angle of the reflection show the scale of the scene that is out of the frame.  

The fifth piece I included is from my series of Florence that currently hangs in Jennifer Tattanelli's shoe atelier on Worth Avenue. The Ponte Vecchio is one of the most famous bridges in the world, and instead of showing the usual full view, I zoomed in on the houses built off the side. Like the Venice paintings, I wanted to focus the viewer's attention on something that is part of everyday life for the locals.

"The Gondola Dock"
60x48 inches
Available. Contact me for pricing.  

The Gondola Dock original acrylic painting by Kyle Lucks

"Where the Sidewalk Ends"
36x24 inches
Available. Contact me for pricing.

Where the Sidewalk Ends original acrylic painting by Kyle Lucks

"Worth After the Rain"
32x48 inches
Available. Contact me for pricing.

Worth After the Rain original acrylic painting by Kyle Lucks

"The Clock Tower at Sunrise"
24x16 inches

The Clock Tower at Sunrise original acrylic painting by Kyle Lucks

"Il Ponte Vecchio"
36x24 inches
Available. Contact me for pricing.

Il Ponte Vecchio original painting by Kyle Lucks

As always, thank you so much for your support! Please save the dates for the next two Maison Palmer shows: photography, which opens February 10, and modern and contemporary that opens March 10. 

All the best,